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what to expect

before attending a library meet please take time to read the notes below as to what to expect.

on arrival

on arrival at the library we ask that you put your name down along with the sling or carrier you are interested in hiring on a numbered sheet in order to form a queuing system.

it is important to know that by attending a library you are not under any obligation to hire a sling or carrier.


we can not guarantee the availability of any specific sling or carrier unless it was not on hire immediately prior to the library session and it has been reserved by yourself.

to reserve a sling or carrier or to check whether it is currently on hire please get in touch using direct email or Facebook. See here for our contact details.


we will demonstrate how to use the sling or carrier you are interested in and offer some fitting guidance. Please note that depending how busy the library session is we may only have between 5-10 minutes to spend with you.

you are welcome to make use of our demonstration dolls (click here to meet them) for practice at any time during the library session.

if you feel you need more in depth advice and tuition you may wish to consider booking a private one to one consultation.

if you are not sure which sling or carrier you are interested in, or even what type of carrier, we will help you. For ideas and help deciding prior to attending the library, please browse our stock pages and read the guide to carriers page in our info and help section.

we endeavour to help everyone individually in turn, however if the library session is very busy we may group people interested in the same type of carrier together when demonstrating.

how to hire

if you decide to hire a sling or carrier you will need to complete and sign a hire form (that acknowledges and agrees to the Continuum library terms and conditions of hire) and pay a deposit and hire charge.

a copy of the Continuum library terms and conditions is available at all library sessions, however you may wish to save some time by reading the library terms and conditions before attending the library session.

the hire charge and deposit for the sling or carrier to be hired is that displayed on the Continuum website a the time of hire.

the deposit less any exceptional charges is refundable on return of the sling in agreement with our terms and conditions. Read about potential exceptional charges that can be levied in certain circumstances in our terms and conditions.

all payments are payable by cash, card or PayPal payment. Deposit amounts will be refunded by the same payment method as used to make them.

returning a hire

returns should be made within the first half hour of the library session on the return date stipulated on the hire form.

other things

we ask that at all times attendees of the library be respectful of each other and Continuum staff.

ordinarily we will bring a selection of toys along to the library meets to help keep any little ones you bring along entertained.

we are breastfeeding friendly!

on returning home

if you have any questions when returning home, please check our website pages for help. Where applicable links to manufacturers websites can be found on the carrier library catalogue pages. If you have any unresolved questions then please contact us. See here for our contact details.

a final note

please remember that the core purpose of the library is for the hire of slings and carriers. While we will give simple demonstration at the library, the demonstration in no way affects the term and condition of hire that the sling, carrier and any accessories provided are used at your own risk.

we do recommend booking a consultation with a fully qualified babywearing consultancy such as ourselves if you would like more thorough training in the use of slings or carriers. For beginners, consultations provide the perfect way to learn and even if you are familiar with a sling or carrier, a session with a qualified babywearing consultant can be beneficial e.g. to see how easy a back carry actually is, find a new way of tying your favourite woven or resolve an issue that is stopping you getting on with a sling or carrier you already own.