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library terms & conditions

library terms and conditions are for the protection of you and Continuum. They ensure the library can continue to operate successfully.

under normal circumstances the only cost to you is the standard hire charge but please be aware of the other events that will trigger additional costs (that are essentially - if the hired item and any accessories provided are not returned on the date expected, they are returned damaged, or they are returned unsuitable for immediate rehire without first being cleaned).

A. Glossary

Carrier: the item hired from the library and all parts of it including any detachable parts such as accessory straps, hoods, pockets etc.

Accessories: includes teething pads and any bag supplied for the carrier.

Hirer: the person hiring the carrier.

Hire form: a form you will be required to sign on before hiring a carrier.

Hire charge: the standard charge for hiring the carrier.

Hire period: the period of the hire.

Hire agreement: all terms and conditions for the hire.

Return date: the date that the carrier is expected to be returned to the Continuum library.

Smoking household: if any member of the hirer's household smokes inside the hire will be classed as a hire to a smoking household.

B. Charges

Standard hire charge: the stand hire charge for each carrier is that detailed on the Continuum website at the time of hire.

Smoker charge: equal to the cleaning charge.

Cleaning charge: £10

Damage charge: variable depending on damage, subject to a maximum of the deposit amount as on the Continuum website at the time of hire.

Late charge: £5 for the first late charge, £10 for the second late charge on the same carrier under the same hire agreement.

Automatic rehire charge: equal to the standard hire charge.

Missing or damaged accessory charge: £10 per incomplete set of teething pads, £5 per sling bag provided at the time of hire.

Total loss charge: the total loss charge is equal to the deposit amount for the carrier as detailed on the Continuum website at the time of hire.

Recovery charge: variable and equal to all costs incurred by Continuum in recovering the carrier.

1. Hire Form

1.1. A hire form must be completed for each carrier hired. The form will detail: the carrier hired, any accessories provided, the hirer's full name, hirer's address, hirer's contact details, if hirer's household is a smoking household, the hire charge, then deposit made by the hirer, the return date, any superficial damage or marks on the carrier, the exceptional charge values and the hirer's signature.

Note: the hirer's signature is taken as an indication that:

(a) the hirer has read, understood and agree to all the library term & conditions

(b) the hirer has checked the carrier and agree that it is in a fit state for use.

1.2. The person that signs the hire form is the hirer.

1.3. only one physical copy of the hire form will be completed. The single copy will be retained by Continuum. The hirer may request a photocopy or electronic copy for their records and this will be supplied at the earliest convenience of Continuum.

1.4. Your personal details will be kept in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, and will only be used to contact you in relation to your library loan. For more information on the Data protection act see

2. Hire Period

2.1. The standard hire period is 1 calendar month.

2.2. If it is known in advance that the Continuum library can not run 1 calendar month hence from hire, the expected return date will be adjusted forward with no adjustment to the standard hire charge.

3. Standard Hire Charge and Smoker Charge

3.1. The standard hire charge and (if applicable) the smoker supplement is payable at the start of the hire period.

3.2. The standard hire charge for each carrier is that detailed on the Continuum website at the time of hire.

3.3. For smoking households a charge equal to a cleaning is payable (in the interests of health we launder every carrier returned from a smoking household before rehire).

4. Exceptional charges

4.1.Exceptional charges fall due at the end of the hire period and are deducted from the deposit.

4.2.The current monetary value of the exceptional charges are detailed in a dedicated section of the terms and conditions. The values that apply to any hire agreement are those that are current at the time of hire.

4.3.In the circumstance that the deposit does not cover the exceptional charges (such as where Continuum has reduced the deposit but the carrier is returned damaged to an extent that it is not fit for rehire or the carrier is lost) the hirer will be required to pay any exceptional charge not covered by the deposit made.

Cleaning charge

4.4.A cleaning charge will be made if the carrier is returned to the library in a state such that cleaning is required before it is suitable for rehire. This includes (but is not limited to) odours such as smoke and perfume.

4.5.If cleaning does not return the carrier to a state equivalent to that at the time of hire a damage charge is made.

Damage charge

4.6.A damage charge is made for any damage the carrier sustains while on hire that is not reasonably considered normal wear and tear.

4.7.The term damage here includes: physical damage (e.g. rips or pulled threads), any soiling that can not be successfully removed by cleaning (for example but not limited to: permanent staining, marks from inappropriate or aggressive cleaning, persistent odours etc.) and also any loss of any part of the carrier (e.g. hoods, accessory strap, pockets etc.).

4.8.The amount of the damage charge is assessed on a case by case basis depending on the damage.

4.9.If the damage is such that the carrier is (as deemed by Continuum staff) to be unsuitable for rehire, the full deposit will be retained. Please note that even in this extreme case the carrier remain the property of Continuum and must be returned.

Late return charge

4.10.A late return charge will be made if the carrier is not returned to the library on the return date. The late return charge is in addition to any automatic rehire charge. Consecutive late return charges increase. The third late charge is the final late charge and is equal to the total loss charge.

Automatic rehire charge

4.11.If the carrier is not retuned to the library by the return date and the return date

Missing or damaged accessory charge

4.12.A missing or damaged accessory charge equal to the replacement cost of any accessories not returned or returned in a state unsuitable for re-use will be made.

Total loss charge

4.13.A total loss charge is made where either the carrier is declared lost, not returned to the library after two consecutive late returns, or the carrier is returned but it is damaged and no longer fit for rehire.

Sling recovery charge

4.14.If the carrier is not returned to the library after two consecutive late returns (i.e. after three standard hire periods) and Continuum has not agreed with the hirer otherwise, Continuum will start legal proceedings to recover the carrier. All costs associated with the recovery form the recovery charge.

5. Deposit

5.1. A deposit for each carrier hired is payable at the start of the hire period.

5.2. The deposit amount is that detailed on the Continuum website at the time of hire.

5.3. The deposit less any exceptional charges is refunded at the end of the hire period and after the carrier has been returned to and inspected by Continuum staff.

5.4. If the carrier is returned soiled but it is unclear at the time of return whether cleaning will be successful in returning it to a acceptable state for rehire there is permanent damage the deposit will be withheld until cleaning has been attempted.

5.5. At our discretion, deposits may be reduced or waived.

6. Payments and Refunds

6.1. All payments due are payable by cash, card or PayPal payment.

6.2. Deposits are only ever refunded by the method used to make it.

6.3.If Continuum can not refund any amount because of technology failure or unavailability we will process the refund as soon as we can after it becomes due to be made. We unfortunately can not, for example, refund cash in the circumstance of temporary failure of our card reader.

7. Returning Carriers

7.1. Returns should be made during the first half hour of Continuum library meet.

7.2. Ordinarily it is expected that the hirer will return the carrier and accessories in person. While we will accept returns from somebody else we may not refund and monies until we have had direct contact with the hirer themselves.

7.3. Ordinarily the return library venue is the same as that at which it was hired. If it is different then:

(a) if the different return venue is known at the time of hire, part of the hire agreement is that the hirer will return to that venue.

(b) if the return venue changes during hire, Continuum will contact the hirer to check that the return venue is agreeable and if it is not make alternative arrangements for the return of the carrier.

Early Returns

7.4. Carriers and accessories can be returned earlier than the return date. The return process is the same as a normal return and no partial refund of the standard hire charge is made.

Late Returns

7.5. If the carrier is not returned on the return date then a late return charge will be made. The return date will be extended by the standard hire period and an automatic rehire charge made. A maximum of two automatic rehire charges will be issued.

7.6. Continuum may reduce or waive late return charges and automatic rehire charges provided the hirer has contacted Continuum before they become chargeable i.e. before the return date.

7.7. If for whatever reason the Continuum library is unexpectedly not open on the return date ( e.g. due to Continuum staff illness, unexpected venue closure) we will extend your return date by a standard loan period at no charge.

8. Condition of the Carrier

8.1. All carriers and accessories are checked by Continuum staff before hiring to ensure that they are in a condition fit for purpose and hire.

8.2. Any superficial marks on the carrier or accessories will be noted on the hire form.

8.3. Before hire, the hirer must also check the carrier is fit for purpose, in an acceptable state for hire and agree any superficial marks as noted on the hire form. Signing the hire form is taken as agreement that the carrier is fit for purpose and the marks noted are accurate.

8.4. While on hire it is the hirers responsibility to thoroughly check the carrier is fit for purpose before every use. Check all buckles, hems and seams ensuring that there are no tears, breaks, cracks or holes. If any damage is discovered, please stop using the carrier immediately and contact us.

9. Continuum Liability

9.1. Continuum can not be held responsible for any injury or death associated with use of the hired carrier or provided accessory i.e. the hirer uses the carrier and accessories entirely at their own risk and absolves Continuum for any adverse event involving the carrier.

9.2. Any demonstrations given during a library meet prior to hire do not invalidate Continuum's zero liability for any adverse event involving the carrier.

10. Care of the Carrier

10.1. It is not permitted to smoke whilst wearing or holding the carrier.

10.2. Carriers must be kept away from pets and animals.

10.3. It is the hirer's responsibility to spot clean minor marks when they occur using water and if necessary a mild detergent. No detergents containing whitening or bleaching agents (such as Vanish) should be used. If the carrier requires anything more than a spot clean, contact us for cleaning advice.

10.4. Do not fully wash the carrier.

10.5. The carrier must be kept away from anything that may stain permanently (oil, paint, pens, etc.).

10.6. The carrier must be kept away from anything that might damage it (scissors, Velcro, keys, etc.).

10.7. If the carrier is returned from loan damaged beyond normal wear and tear it will be considered unsuitable for rehire and a total loss charge made. Even if the total loss charge is made, the carrier remains the property of Continuum and must be returned.

11. Other

11.1. All carriers and accessories remain the property of Continuum at all times, even in the exceptional circumstance where the whole deposit has been retained.

11.2. We reserve the right to decline hire without the need for explanation.

11.3. We reserve the right to terminate a hire early i.e. advance the return date. If this is done the standard hire charge will be pro rated and the unused portion refunded.

11.4. If at any point we do not hear from the hirer within 30 days of Continuum attempting to get in touch with the hirer using the contact details provided on the hire form and with respect to the hire, Continuum will assume the carrier lost or stolen, apply all applicable charges and begin legal proceedings to recover the hired carrier any accessories provided.

11.5. Continuum reserve the right to alter the Terms and Conditions of hire without notice. The Terms and Conditions that apply to any existing hire agreement at the time of change are those that were agreed to at the time the hirer signed the hire form i.e. any changes do not apply to hire agreements existing at the time of the change.